Pipe triangle
steel grade
Metal thickness
Weight per 1 meter
It is long products (m)
Weight (t)
Pipe triangle

The triangular pipe is a rare species found in metal rolling, but it is in demand in many areas. Therefore, if you are interested in these products, call our company, there is a wide assortment of choices available. Advantages and distinctive features A triangular pipe is characterized by the following positive features: The unusual geometric shape effectively solves complex design and construction tasks. The unique profile shape reduces metal consumption compared to pipes of other geometric shapes. The products are reliable and allow you to implement projects that require a variety of types and shapes of pipes. Extended functional application. A specific triangular pipe is more often used for the manufacture of decorative elements than for construction purposes. We make custom-made pipes from high-quality steel coils with various cross-sectional parameters to satisfy customer requirements. Consult for the phone numbers provided.