Square pipe
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Square pipe

A square pipe has a number of positive characteristics that are acceptable for operation in many industrial fields. Our site presents a complete assortment line of this type of product. For convenience, there are different sizes of sections. Scope The square pipe has a symmetrical section that allows to use its decorative elements where profile bending is used. This explains the feasibility of their use in various elements of load-bearing structures. This product will be a good option when you need to combine strength characteristics and a pleasant appearance. The optimal connection of the square profile with other varieties without involving welding, but simply by the method of fastening with a thread, is also relevant for use. Common areas of application of the described goods include the following: Metal profile for the production of various frame structures. Arrangement of the bearing part in greenhouses. Thin-walled products are suitable for the construction of arches or park sheds. This type is useful in the construction of decorative or supporting components of stairwells, fences and fences. Arrangement of playgrounds. It is possible to buy a square pipe at competitive and affordable prices on our website. Before the sale, you can use the provided consulting services. To carry out the order, you need to check the goods on the following performance indicators: External square size. Pipe wall thickness. Square pipes are products with high strength indicators, which allows it to be used for construction purposes. Provides construction stability and promotes favorable installation work in a short period of time. Our company SteelWest offers a wide range of products presented, which differs in thickness, diameter and grade of steel. Products comply with state standards, and are manufactured on high-tech equipment with constant monitoring and quality testing.